Ask Trucker Ed Consulting Services


 Leveraging 40+ Years of Experience: Your Trusted   Trucker Consultant

  With over four decades on the road, I've seen it all in the trucking industry. Now, I put my experience to work for you,    offering comprehensive guidance and support to both new and seasoned truckers. Here's how I can help you              navigate the complexities and opportunities of this dynamic field:

  For New Truckers:                                   

  •   ​Career guidance: Help individuals assess their suitability for a trucking career, understand different trucking       specializations, and navigate the licensing and training process.
  •   Business set up: Assist with establishing their own trucking company, including obtaining necessary permits    and licenses, securing financing, and choosing the right equipment.
  •   Trip planning and route optimization: Provide guidance on efficient route planning, considering factors          like traffic patterns, weigh stations, rest stops, and fuel efficiency.
  •   Load finding and negotiation: Help new truckers find suitable loads, understand load boards, and negotiate    fair rates with brokers and shippers.
  •   ​Compliance and regulations: Educate them on industry regulations, including hours-of-service (HOS),          rules, weight limits, and safety protocols.
  •   ​Mentorship and support: Offer ongoing support and guidance as they navigate the initial challenges of            entering the industry.

  For Existing Truckers:

  •   Business optimization: Identify areas for improvement in their operations, such as fuel efficiency, route            planning, and load selection, to maximize profitability.
  •   Compliance updates: Keeping them informed about changes in regulations and industry best practices to        ensure they remain compliant.
  •   Negotiation and contract review: Assist with negotiating better rates with carriers and reviewing                      contracts to ensure they are fair and beneficial.
  •   Tax and accounting advice: Provide guidance on managing finances, filing taxes, and understanding              industry-specific deductions.
  •   Safety and risk management: Offer training and resources to help them maintain a safe driving record            and minimize risks on the road.
  •   Industry trends and insights: Share insights on market trends, emerging technologies, and potential              career development opportunities.

  Additionally, I offer specialized services such as:

  Fuel cost management: Helping truckers find cost-effective fuel options and optimize fuel efficiency.

  •   Maintenance and repair advice: Providing guidance on choosing reliable repair shops, negotiating repair        costs, and understanding preventative maintenance practices.
  •   Health and wellness resources: Offering information and support for maintaining good health and well-            being on the road.

  By leveraging the expertise of Trucker Ed, both new and existing drivers can gain valuable knowledge, improve their    efficiency, navigate challenges, and ultimately achieve greater success in their trucking careers.